Painting & Tinkering

Car Painting & Tinkering

Car Painting is been not just an art but a skill that gives the final touchpoints.  We help you calculate the cost of denting and painting your car in addition to a physical checking. We are equipped to fix any kind of sheet metal damage (dents, dings, tears), paint damage (scratches, scuffs, blemishes, paint chips), and plastic and fiber parts on your car.

We even do custom car repairs. Our various auto body workshops have paint booths and use specialized tools and machinery to take care of any denting/painting repairs for your car.

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The Car detailing treatment goes beyond normal car wash by making the look impressively clean from both the inside and outside. 

Combined effect Paint protection helps maintain paint and vehicle appearance while maintaining value and resale value. Also, many paint protection systems no longer have to constantly polish your car to keep it shiny and fresh.

We help you calculate the cost of denting and painting your car in addition to a physical checking. With the online dent assessment tool, you can estimate the approximate costs of car paint costs, car teeth repair costs, car scratch repair costs, and small and large damages.

Our Services

Mini Tune Up

Engine tune-ups include checking, diagnosing, and replacing bad spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor caps, fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters.


The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist · Oil and Coolant Levels · Air Filter · Tire Pressure and Tread Depth · Headlights, Turn Signals, Brake, and Parking Lights.

Car Fixing

There are common car problems which have to be fixed within that stipulated time. Get connected with us, one call could save you losing money.

Wheel / Tyre care

The wheels  & tyre of your car need regular attention and care. Wheels get damaged due to bad roads and potholes leading to misalignment. Which needs to be fixed.

Individual Parts Selection

Multiple brands have multiple mechanisms solving multiple purposes, hence genuine parts are the must to keep your vehicle health in a better condition.

Service validity

Each and every service will have a certain valid check-up & time, which needs to be considered and once the service is done, we need to check the performances.

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How would we best describe Modifications and Alterations? Professional vehicle detailing using world reputed chemicals and products to make your vehicle look brand new. Check our gallery for more shining vehicles and our handy crafts.

Best car Detailers in Bangalore - Splash Auto Services

Car Repairs

By the Hour or Daily

Since we know the job, we could finish the jobs within a few hours of the drop-in. Book expert car mechanic in Bangalore at the best rates. Doorstep service in 2Hrs. Chosen Experts for Hatchback, SUV, Sedan for All Models, Why wait? Book our Service Now. With 100% transparency, genuine Spare Parts, no.01 Car Service get free pickup & drop.

Car Painting & Tinkering

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