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We offer a full spectrum of services for the restoration, preservation, and ongoing care of your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Rejuvenate your Car, Restore its appearance as new, keep young & smart as you. Splash Auto Services Detailing Team has set up to energize automotive detailing in Bangalore to a whole new level. 

The eminent automotive detailing service provider for the Car enthusiast. The company has grown to provide manifest detailing packages & fleet management programs for Bangalore’s most exotic & premium automobiles.

We are devoted to providing you with the most thorough detailing process, in addition to the most unparalleled service you have ever enjoyed.



Our clients come searching for Splash Auto Services across southern states of India, We strive towards delighting our customers at every opportunity through exceptional customer service.


We have a team of well-trained professionals to face tough challenges & following a quality control process second to none. Our team of experts tirelessly work to Providing Warranty & Same Day Delivery!


Automotive Paint Correction at its best with the use of top quality products & cutting edge technology offering a full range of premium quality and a wide range of automotive detailing products and solutions


It’s not about just customer satisfaction, it is also our satisfaction & responsibility towrads the services and products revolve around our customers and their experiences every single day.

The Best Car Automotive Service Provider in Bangalore

Why Splash Auto Services

Splash Auto Car Services Bangalore


Splash Auto Car Services Bangalore


Splash Auto Car Services Bangalore


Splash Auto Services is one of the fast-growing premium Auto repairings & detailing company in Bangalore. Pioneers in Auto Detailing, providing more than 22 services in a single basket. We were the pioneer to introduce many latest cutting edges detailing services like nano ceramic coating, glass repairing, leather repair, Car Wraps, etc. 

✓ Best Professional Detailing Studio in Bangalore.
✓ We are the first to introduce nano-ceramic coating in Bangalore.
✓ We are the first to get the best professional certificate in Bangalore.
✓ The only garage with a team of professional technicians.
✓ We are the first center which handles multiple services under one shelter.


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Our Premium Services

Car Wash
Car Underbody Coating
Car Tinkering & Painting
Express Detailing and Polishing
Car Accessories and Seat Covers
Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating
Car AC Gas Filling and Complete AC System Service
Car General Mechanical Servicing and Repair Works

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